Can You See Her? Read Count : 115

Category : Diary/Journal

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She looks at the world through her window, she takes a deep breath looks at the sky and smiles. That first morning sound of trees stretching, clouds moving, birds chirping and streets coming to life. How happy it makes her feel to be looking out her window. Passer byers look up and see her smile, see her stare at the sky. From far they wave, they stare, they give dirty looks and fake smiles. I look up at that girl and stop to think, can anyone really see her? I asked strangers that looked at her if they can truly see her, can they see what I see, her scared look,  her shaken  smile? I asked if they saw her eyes and all the fear they held, I asked if they can see her trembling hands reaching out for help— was I seeing things, was I making it up?? They called me crazy and said all they saw was a happy girl looking at the world through her window. Time passed and one day  I looked up to see the girl looking out her window, but she was no longer there, not there!!! Not there!! Wow...


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    Aug 28, 2023

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