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I left my guru at the gate of enlightenment / I didn't know if he was Lost or I was lost But it didn't matter but / There it was right before my eyes / Spelled out in bold letters Like The Beatles playing "She loves me yeah, yeah, yeah".  
Ed Sullivan had Hit the Trifecta /Johnny Carson was waiting his time /
The fab 4 brought distraction from England to the States / where Was Bruce Springsteen and the song Born in the USA! 
/ The Birds were singing the 60's the 60's the Animals "The House of the Rising Sun". /Peace, Love, Rock & Roll were an anthem / Peace, Not War was one too / tripping and getting High the way to go / Tune Out a Navarna of its own / Being a Hippie was both a symbol and a lifestyle getting away from the 9 to 5 grind / If you had your own Guru it was a status symbol /you're Guru making it to the United States / or another Western country / and having his own Rolls Royce was his / Narvana / I left my Guru at the Gates of Enlightenment / Las Vegas / Nevada 


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