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We Are The Stars

We must live nomata wot
Love ourselves with all we've got
Hot or cold we won't give up 
It's our time nomata wot

Man must live nomata wot
Woman too her dream must keep
Brighter morrow we shall make
Live to full and leave a mark

We must love nomata wot
Special love for every pair
Tenderness to all those dear/near
Kinder take in matters far

We must eat nomata wot
Earth is ours with all it has got 
Pots we'll fill as neighbours fill
There's enough for all who will

Dark or light skin it's our right
Day or night all hearts must beat
And the time is what's in hand
As is in the will of God

Shine We Must No Matter What
Moon and Sun knows it's our age
With our acts and Earth's our stage
Take my word 
We are the 



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