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Since he was a little boy,

 All he'd ever dreamed;

Was leaving this small town,

 And make it big, it seems;

Graduation came and went,

 Got a job to pay the bills;

Little something extra,

 To get over the hills;

Time finally arrived,

 And his chance to leave;

Was there and gone,

 Before he realized;

Never saw his dream,

 Pass him by today;

Never saw his chance,

 Just walk on by;

Years passed by slowly,

 And so he aged;

Twenty years gone,

 Just like yesterday;

Went to work everyday,

 Did his job well;

Never any trouble,

 Or so they tell;

Middle age was rough,

 Grey and still alone;

Life wasn't bad,

 But still not enough;

Thoughts of younger days,

 Ghosts of dreams forgotten;

Swirling around him,

 Not making any sense;

Another meal alone,

 Table set for one;

Make it all go away,

 When eating here was done;

Retirement finally arrives,

 Seeking more of his time;

Showing him how alone he is,

 While all he was looking for, was a friend;

Bingo and the hall,

 Just weren't for him;

Looking for a way out,

 Lost here within;

The home for the old folks,

 Felt like a prison cave;

No place to go,

 No one here to save;

Death finally came knocking,

 Said, time to go;

Knew he couldn't stay,

 Though what was there to show;

No dreams that came true,

 No family to see;

No future or inheritance,

 To give to you or me;

Looked into the afterlife,

 Scared him deep inside;

Saw the angels dancing,

 Before the King and His bride;

Standing all alone,

 Looking on in awe;

Trying to believe,

 Everything he saw;

What was he doing here,

 Intruding on this dance;

Looking like an outcast,

 A vagabond perchance;

He waited until the music ended,

 Then his nerves started to twitch;

Everybody looking at him,

 And his clothes started to itch;

He tried to speak his piece,

 But his tongue wouldn't work;

Lost were the words,

 That he would have spoken;

The King came on over

 And said, "You seem to be lost.

Is there something we can do

 To undo what you have lost?"

The man said, "My King,

 I hardly have the words

  To describe what I am feeling.

To hear your wondrous voice

 Resonate in my being.

I should have been a better man

 And lived a better life.

Found something here worth living for

 Besides my worry and this strife.

I ask only for forgiveness

 For the life I lived.

Because of my ineptness

 I'm alone in my grave."

The King took his hand and said,

 "Many people live their lives

   Not knowing what to do.

Some take more chances,

 But some are just like you.

It takes all their effort

 To make it through in one piece.

But if they live in me,

 They will soon find their peace.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

 You made it here with me.

Those who said you couldn't,

 Will finally see.

That there is a heaven,

 And yes there is a hell.

That they all had a chance

 Since before the apple fell.

Now, come change your clothes,

 And come join the dance.

Welcome home my son.

 I'm glad you took the chance."

The King kissed him on the cheek,

 And showed him his new clothes;

Waited for him to change,

 And walked him to the dance;

And so the man made his way,

 With the King as his guide;

And all could see the King,

 And how He showed his pride;

Many will try to enter,

 Not all will get in;

Only those invited,

Will know His love for them;


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