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In this world so vast and wide
A cautionary tale I shall confide Never trust anyone my dear ,For deceit and betrayal can bring you tears.

Be wary of those with silver tongues. Their charming words like sirens sung.
They speak with such convincing allure.
But behind their smiles motives impure.

Friends may turn into foes overnight.
Their loyalty crumbles out of sight.
Promises broken bonds shattered, Never trust blindly for trust does matter.

Even family can leave you in dismay.
Their love fading drifting away.
Their actions speak louder than words. In the end it's your heart that hurts.

Strangers too may wear masks .
So clever Pretending to be kind hiding forever.
They may offer a hand in times of need.
Only to steal your dreams plant their greed.

But amidst the darkness and despair.
A glimmer of hope begins to share.
For trust can still blossom if you're wise.
In the whispers of truth and genuine eyes.

Seek those who prove their worth with times.
Actions aligning with words sublime.
Those who stand by you through thick and thin ,Embracing your flaws your soul akin.

Though life may test your faith in humankind .
Never let cynicism cloud your mind.
For there are souls genuine and true.
Trust them cautiously let love shine through.

In this world of shadows and lies.
Choose carefully who to let inside.
But remember dear friend with discerning sight ,Not everyone who enters is out to smite.

So be cautious but open your heart.
For trust can bring connection a fresh start.
In the midst of doubt and uncertainty's haze.
Finding trust in others can light your way.


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