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I need you.
I need you every second
of every day.
You are so very far away.
Like you never existed.
Like you never lived.
Like you never breathed at all.
Like your fingers never lingered on my face.
Like your fingers never traced my skin.
Like I never felt the power of your kiss.
Like I never felt you.
Oh the ways how you made me.
The ways how you break me.
Making me so completely yours.
In every other way.
And I want to breathe so badly.
I want to breathe you back.
Back into my life.

Tracing back the steps.
Back into the past.
Searching for anything.
Something tangeble that I can hold.
I remembered the story about a boy and girl.
The story you gave me to read.
You just knew how to get to me.
They fought so hard to stay together.
I've searched everywhere to find it.
And cried, because I can't remember the name. 
Like it never even existed.
Like you, it was just a dream.
It's like you died a long time ago.
And I'm still standing at your grave.
I still cry, breathing.
Trying to breathe you back to life.
Standing at your grave.
Grieving forever.
Please let me die with you.


  • Mar 15, 2023

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