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If you have a collection, you might want to put it on display in your house. Here are a few suggestions for displaying a military collection.

Choosing a location

The first step is deciding where to hang these displays. The configuration of your home will decide whether you can only choose from a few options or from a variety of walls. Make a list of any possible locations in your home where you could hang these mementos. Such as the use of a wall in a conspicuous area, such as an entrance way, where 
guests are likely to see it.

You can immediately show off how proud you are of your collection. Avoid putting anything along a confined hallway as it may be knocked off the wall by a passerby. Try to leave enough room for someone to stand back and look at your entire setup, also, a nearby area where you can go over each item in more detail.

Anything you hang should not be exposed to direct sunlight as the colors may fade over time.

To protect your picture frames and display cases from UV rays, you will want to invest more money in UV-protective glass. Despite the cost, this is an overall worthwhile investment. But nothing can be done about sun damage. So, make sure to store your priceless artifacts like ww2 memorabilia until you can offer better protection in an appropriate position.

Case for displaying medals

When choosing a display case, take into account how many medals will be placed inside. In patches, badges, and insignia can be displayed in addition to looking good in display cases, shadowboxes, which come in various depths to accommodate objects of different sizes.


But if, there must be limitations on what you can actually buy ww2 memorabilia must be brought home and displayed.

Ideally, you should try to make room for whatever you have. 
For example, having three World War II German helmets or knives rather than two is excessive. However, two will need to be moved to appropriate storage and one will not. If they are heirlooms from your family, you should show them off because they may be your first memorabilia.


Since not everyone has the same amount of space, not everyone is able to display their collection. If you cannot display your collection, you must keep it in appropriate storage. Do not stuff it into boxes where they might be crammed in or haphazardly stacked.


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