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This is the place I go to when I can't breathe. Everything inside of me wants to run. I want to run away from everything and everyone, because they will never understand. But where can I go?
This is the only hiding place. Here I am not scared of showing my heart. I feel save here. Here I can say everything that I realIy wanted to tell you, but never could. I imagine you are here with me. I find a little bit of comfort in that. I don't feel so alone here. You are so very much part of me. Part of who I am and want to be. It feels like I can touch you here. It's like I can still feel your presence so strongly, even if you are long gone. If here is the only place where I can keep you with me, then here is where I will always stay. I won't let anything take that away from me. Like life has taken you.


  • Mar 13, 2023

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