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My heart longs for the soothing, intoxicating kiss of your breeze.
Long for the comforting touch of your small tides as they gently cover my feet.
I am walking along your shore once again.
I long for the old familliar feeling
that surrounds me.
I can drown just looking at you.
I want to drown in your blue depths.
I hear you.
Your waves crashing against everything and everyone, except me.
You always treat me differently.
I walk along your shore.
and pick up all the treasures you left behind.
The beautifull memories you left for me.
That is all that I will ever have of you.
Only memories I can turn to.
Come drown me once again in your blue depths.
I don't need to breathe.
Come cover me with the gentle waves of your love.
Pull me in.
Into you.
I don't need rescue.
I need you, like you need me.
My heart like your waves, breaking constantly.
I long, I yearn for you.
The deep deep blue.
The endless sea.


  • Mar 13, 2023

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