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I never thought I'd be so blind.
I never understood.
The way my heart reacted.
Because of you.
It is the same feeling as before,
when you walked through the door.
Everytime I saw you.
Everytime our eyes met.
I never understood why.
Now that I finally do,
I am never allowed close to you.
In everything I am bound.
Everytime my heart would cry out your name,
while my lips don't make a sound.
Everytime I saw you.
I never thought I would still feel this way.
Because of you.

Because of you he loves me a little less.
Because of you, not the same as before.
What my heart has found with you I lost forever.
Because of you I don't have that anymore.
It's all the little things you did.
The ways of you engraved into my heart.
Touching me like no-one else ever could.
Now we are so very far apart.
Because of you.

I am there when he wants me.
God demands of me to keep my promise.
But everytime that I'm with him it is you that I miss.
Because of you he does not want to understand.
Because of you he does not hold me when I cry.
No arms have held me when I cried for years.
He said he does not feel sorry for me.
He said he does not care about my tears.
My heart feels like it's dying,
everytime I'm crying.
Because of you.

I never understood myself all these years.
Why things always get to me.
Why I always feel this constant and deep sorrow.
I sometimes break down and cry for no reason.
Now I know.
It's because of you.
It is because of you that the skies are grey.
Because of you life is not the same.
Nothing is what it should be.
There is no-one to blame.
Nothing feels real anymore.
And you will never again walk through my door.
Because of you.


  • Mar 12, 2023

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