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Why do you call me ugly
Why do you say I'm unattractive just cause of how my body is?
Each night you make me break down
When I think of the hurtful comments that you give as I walk around
Is it your joy seeing me walking with my head down?
Are you happy when everyone laughs at the jokes that you make just cause I'm fat?
"Look at that pig lazing around"
"Look at how slowly she walks just cause she's too heavy to walk fast"
What exactly do you gain by saying all this?
Must you bring me down so as to exalt yourself?
I might be fat just like you say it,but don't I have the right to embrace my curves?
This thick thighs,this killer curves,this bodacious hips,this,this is who I am
When I look in the mirror,all I see is a beautiful woman

Whether too fat,too skinny
Too short,too tall
Whether "too anything", we're all too something
This is life,our bodies change ,our minds change and that is okay
Bashing someone for their body type,is not okay...



  • Apr 27, 2023

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