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i was told when i was young people like me don't fall in love and get old,
only 5% get a ring made of gold,
why would i read the story when i already know the end,
and it only fills me with pain and dread, 
because why would someone ever love me, 
when half of the time i can barely breathe, 
the lights are too bright and public places are to loud,
and when its like this i can’t calm down, 
when your someone like me you don't get to be loved, 
you have yourself surely that's enough, 
but im scared and drowning in the fact that i am, 
 never gonna love the same way you can, i'll watch you from afar because i know your meant for the other star, 
but i will always love you even if it will be always pending, 
people like me don't get that happy ending, 
i get it now,
 People like me aren’t worth loving. 
 -the poet nextdoor


  • Mar 12, 2023

  • Mar 12, 2023

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