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Where do run to my love?
Where do you hope to go?
What are you running from?
Do you even know?
Why are you trying so hard?
What are you fighting inside?
Are you running from reality?
From the life you left behind?
Maybe you are running from the man who cannot face the loss.
I know he is still somewhere deep inside.
He is the broken man, trying to hide behind every smile.
Showing the world that he is happy.
Only for a while.
Where do your thoughts go when you are all alone?
With the sun on your back and the wind in your hair.
When you are hitting the road out there?
I heard them talking about you.
Calling you names.
Saying what and who you are.
As if they know, when they really don't.
I do.
I know the man deep inside.
I know the way his heart connected with mine.
I knew him from that first kiss when we were lost in time.
I know every detail of the way he touched my soul.
I know the way his heart always reflected in his eyes.
I came to know how dark life can be without him.
I miss the man deep inside.
I wanted to let him know.
I was there too.
I walked the same path he walked.
I felt the same shame. 
I too wandered the darkest depths of my sin.
I too wanted to destroy myself.
Everything shattered to pieces and
I am to blame.
Just because I wanted to do anything to make me forget his name.
Anything to erase that deep indescribable connection I always felt since that first kiss.
I just never realized it then, untill it was too late.
Untill the damage was already done.
That he was the one.
All these years I tried so hard to hide.
That the love of my life was the man deep inside.


  • Mar 11, 2023

  • Beautiful!💜

    Mar 11, 2023

  • Mar 29, 2023

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