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The fall of the moonlight coincides with the rising of the sun,  

The end of dusk reveals the light of the break of dawn.  

 My thoughts are plunged into the deepest parts of the sphere of a bottomless pit.

 The fire in my soul quenches the greatest sparks of light generated from a shimmery silver seat. 

The intensity of the mischief in my eyes is unparalleled to the striking benovelence at the base of my mind. 

Seeping through the darkest alleys, the chaotic disorder of my heartbeat is predetermined by the most dangerous and fearsome ride. 

Leaving me helpless, the colossal movement of the vast air in my lungs was unexplainable.

 Emanating from the suffering of the angst of injustice, my mind clouded with a rushing smoke surging from the consuming flame of a breathless furnace. 

Writhing in an endless pain, eyes closing to absorb the wrenching gesture of a flame unquenchable, 

 Threatening to tear me apart, gradually I succumbed to an invisible darkness, a darkness endlessly sinking through my veins and contorting my face,   

Until I was swallowed and perceived no more, despite the the unprecedented heights of my suffering,  

This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, perhaps then it is the end of the beginning.


  • This is m very first poem 😊 For those that care...pls rate me.

    Apr 09, 2023

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