The Moment Of Explosion. Read Count : 94

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As the waves rise above, I begin to fall in love. 
I am in love with the warmth of the sun. 

The calming breeze of the wind, the comforting warmth that reminds me, I am enough.

The waves touch my skin, I feel a comforting hug from those high above. 

I can hear the angels sing and the clouds clap as they release the doves. 

Perhaps they are welcoming me into the eternal moment, all doing so with peaceful hugs. 
Their embrace feels like a ton. 

My human mind wouldn't be able to grasp the comprehension of their love. 

Yet my soul stands in the center, inhaling the moments that will forever leave an imprint on my soul. 

As the clouds begin to explode, I remember every moment and everything I was ever told. 

It took one explosion for my whole world to unfold. 

It took one moment, for me to understand my choices, to understand the voices. 


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