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You think you know who I am, but here’s some truth for you.
You’ve never met a bitch like me and you never will again.
I don’t talk, walk or act like the others and I don’t want to.
The world has plenty of copies and fakes, I choose to be different..
Because I will always listen to my heart and march to my own beat.
I’m proudly original and I tackle life with a style and ferocity all my own.
People that don’t understand me will say I’m weird with an attitude,
And that’s what weaker people say about the  souls that shine brighter than the rest.
You knew from the moment our eyes met that I had the spirit of a fighter, heart of a lover and soul of a dreamer.
I won’t be denied and I don’t know how to quit.
It’s not enough for me to just survive.
I overcome and thrive- “good enough” for everyone else.
That doesn’t mean I don’t have hard days or an easy life, I just make my  path out of pure will
and courage borne from the fire and I have  learned to overcome.
I rise when others fall and I smile through the tears, dance through the rain and keep moving forward.
I don’t accept less than the best and I’ll never be okay with just making do.
My heart is restless and my soul is deep.
Loving me isn’t easy, it'll be a challenge.
You’ll always know where you stand with me because I will  be heard.
Don’t treat me like an option if you want to be a priority-
I’m too strong, independant and beautiful to beg anyone to be part of my life.
If you can’t love me as an equal and treat me with respect, then you need to look elsewhere.
My passion and devotion are very fierce- I’ll love you like a firestorm and kiss you like a hurricane.
There’s no such thing as halfway in my world, so if you’re unsure of what you want, then I ain't the right one. 
 you can always count on me to stand strong by your side, holding your hand while we embrace the day.
So, if you can keep up with me and have stars in your eyes and adventure in your soul, let’s go chase some forever.
Me, you and our dreams,
Just the way it was meant to be.
Dreams don’t have deadlines and my love doesn’t come easy.
I’m strong, I’m beautiful and I’ll always be holding your hand..
Let’s go, that is
If you’re strong enough to keep up with me. 


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