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We both have sinned so badly trying to forget.
Trying to feel with someone else what we could only feel for each other.
We both came to know that life does not work that way.
Not for us.
I am so bad at this forgetting you thing.
Getting rid of all the pictures that reminds me of you.
I Should have known my heart will never let you go.
I had to come to the place where the memories of you haunts me every day.
I still see you standing at the door.
Looking at me and smiling.
Standing in your old room, wishing you were here.
Walking all the aisles you once walked.
Why of all the places did I have to come here?
Here my thoughts can never escape you.
Here I always have you in my memories.
Torturing myself.
Causing myself this constant sorrow.
I sometimes wish you would walk right back through that door.
Knowing you never will.
Is it bad to miss you that much?
This life has only meaning to me as long as you are in it.


  • Mar 08, 2023

  • Mar 31, 2023

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