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Lord how?
How can I ask You for forgiveness?
How can I ask with everything I feel in my heart?
How can I ask for forgiveness when he is the one I loved from the start?
How can I ask forgiveness for hurting him?
For not loving him the same way?
How can I leave and shatter his heart?
How can I stay without falling apart?
Lord, I am going crazy missing him.
How can I ask for Your forgiveness?
How will I ever be right?
How can my heart survive this life.
Every single day I have to fight.
I can hide nothing from You.
How can I ask for forgiveness
when I cannot see the light?
How can I never stand not guilty of loving him?
When You know I really do.
How can I live a life like this and still make it through?
How can I stop this sorrow that never ends?
I will never make it without You.
I don't even want to try.
I can keep on saying I never loved him to everyone.
You alone know that it is a lie.
Lord, I am trying to survive, trying to be strong.
I don't know how many years my heart will still keep on missing him.
How many years I will still hold on.
When it is from this life I want to run.
I just need You to stay by my side.
Untill my life is done.


  • Mar 08, 2023

  • Mar 31, 2023

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