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There is a time coming. A time that I no longer will hold onto something that will never be mine.
Happiness and dreams left with you long ago. All my memories that are supposed to be happy are filled with sadness. No longer will I search for your face in a crowd. No longer will I miss your touch. No longer will I listen for your voice or your laugh among strangers.
There is a time coming when everything will fade away. All my heartache and crying. Nothing will matter anymore. No more will I long to see you or miss any part of you. Maybe by the time you find these words, I will be long gone from your memory.
Remember that I was just one more girl to you.
But I was the girl that you never expected.
I was the girl who wanted to be loved just as deeply and in the same way that she loved you all these years.
I was the girl that had to see you leave everytime.
A girl with so many questions why.
I was the girl that wished she was different from all the others to you.
I was the girl who could never get herself to hate you.
I was the girl that wanted to stay in your heart and memory.
I was the girl who had to keep her distance, while every part of her screamed to be with you.
I was the girl fighting to get over you.
I was the girl who never could.
Because in every sense of my heart I was yours.
I was the girl who can never ruin lives.
I was not perfect, but
I will be the girl that thought of you
before she breathed for the last time.


  • Mar 08, 2023

  • Mar 29, 2023

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