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And when the time comes when we are no longer in each others lives, I can only hope you look back one day and realize, that I was yours.

I was yours at 8pm on Tuesday, 3am on Saturday, 10am on Sunday and every single moment in between.

I was yours every time you made me smile. And every time the sun set in the sky. Yours, every time my name escaped your lips. I was yours at every sunrise.

Every touch and every kiss, and every time our hands entwined, I always belonged to you, every single time.

Yours throughout all the seasons. Yours when it made no sense at all. Yours every star I wished upon, yours during every storm

Every time my music played and every time I danced. Every time I let my walls down, every time I showed I cared.

I was yours every time i thought of you and every time my heart beat. Every time our eyes connected

and every time I breathed.


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