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For all of you that struggle with depression, this is for you. You’re not alone.

I know there’s times when you look at me and just wonder how you can help me.
My emotions can get the best of me and I know that you feel helpless as you watch me struggle.
Just know that I’ll be okay, even if I’m sad for a time.
A lot of the time, I won’t even know why I’m down, only that I am.
Luckily, I’ve long since learned my way through those times and they don’t last long.
Those are the moments I don’t need you to try to solve my problems or conquer the world for me.
I just want you to be there for me,
To listen to me and let me vent.
I know you’re used to being the one who fixes everything, but I don’t need to be fixed and every problem doesn’t have a solution..
Those are the times you should try listen to my soul as it struggles.
Don’t be sad for me as I work through my depression, I can handle it all as I always have..
I’m just thankful you’re by my side now.
Your hand in mine is all the reassurance I need to get past what’s in my head..
The worries, the fears, the insecurities.
Often, I just need time and compassion to work through the mixture of thoughts and emotions.
So If you were to ask me why I feel down, I might not  know sometimes..
But know you being there makes all the difference to me, and I’m so grateful to not have to face it all alone anymore.
So, as you watch the feelings wash across my face, know that I’ll find my way..
I always do.
I know it’s hard watching the one you love struggle, but you’re doing just what I need by being there, supporting me and loving me.
I may not always be easy, I may not always make sense..
But rain or shine,
Our love will always be worth it in the end...
But please don't give up on me and us along the way.
I won't.


  • Mar 16, 2023

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