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Silent Noon Storm 

Clouds Come Thru.

Moves as Sun Set 

Brim Stone Do.

From Faint to Meteorite

Bright TanjerRed,

On to 2 Budding 

Flower Beds.

Sprouting Up From The  

Ground Yellow  Red.

Right Before His

Shadowed Black Legs,

Blocked the Suns 

Beaming RainBow Shower.

While Loki Knelt Open Eyed,

Looking Down in Prayer.


An Evening 


Where Elohs 


Come Out 

To Enjoy 

Tuesday Evening,

After Dark.

In The Garden 

Where Both,

Good And Evil 

Starts from Small.

And Bean Stalks!

Begin To Appear,

From Yellow Red 

Flower Beds.


Now Covered 

By Dung,

2 Stink Beetles 

Rolled Over.

A Seed Planted 

In Eden Is,

Blocked By A 

Fecal Structure.

Dry Soil Below 

Fresh Shit That 

Loki Stands Above 

And Gazed.

He Picked Some Up 

And Made a 

Ball Totally Amazed,

As He Begin To Wonder.


And Reshape Shit’s

Form Like a Child With,

Filthy Fingers during 

A Game being Played .

Humoring and In Awe

Asking the Question,

“Is This Really 

How Man Was Made ?”.

In the Palms of 

Little Iliads,

With All Mighty

God Names.

Like Dame Desu,

Present In Kemet 

Blocking the

Sun Rays!


Knowing That 

These Forms Can,

Never Maintain 

Their Shape.

To Be Weighed on 

Fairy Tales Between,

Jezebel and Jerusalem 

On a Sliding Scale.

Paradox Life as Loki 

Blows Night Wind,

Thru His Created 

Mud Vessel.

Exposing Its 

Soul To,

The Cold 

Of Sheol.


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