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Doctor The Only Way 

To Describe It In One 

Word is I.N.S. A.N.E,


Starting In 

The Hand,

Radiating Copper 

To my Brain.

Steaming Near


In Need Of

Antidote Fast. 

If Not Relieved 

I Do Believe,

An Explosion 

In Forecast.


Beginning with 

Some Bubbling,

When I Broke Up 

With Girl Friend.

Gas as Never 

Felt Before and,

It Never Left 

From Then.

Struck Like  

Vipers Fangs,

Last Time I Pulled

At Her Hand.

This Feeling Of 

Something That,

I Can Not 

Hardly Explain.


When I Thought That 

I was The Possessed 

Snake Lying By Myself,

Stretched Out.

All the While Not 

Knowing Until,

When I Got Bit 

On My Left Out Hand!

Ironic How Hand

Held On Tight,

End Up Injured

From The Bite!

Right To My 

Head and There 

Restless Stay 

Up Thru the Night!


I Heard How 

Deadly It Could Be,

For Poisons To

Hurt a Human.

I Heard How 

Deadly It Could Be,

For Migraines To

Do the Same Thing!

Some Even Say Symptoms 

Are the Same As An Ex

When One Has To 

Let Go of That Relation. 

“ Doctor This Feeling

I Am Experiencing,

What is This Condition 

I am Suffering From? “.



This Is 

Not Hard 

To Explain.

I Understand It Fully When 

I asked You How are You 

FeelingYou Said, “ Well She 

Left Me for Another Man! “.

The Restless Nites.

Alone Toss and Turning

Like an Anaconda

Wrapped around Twice.

Sir The Only Way 

To Describe It In 

Word’S.D.I. A.N.E



You May Not 

Need Doctors,

But Psychiatrists

For This Venom.

But if I Can 

Can I Suggest 

1 Possible 


If Not Dead!

Try Again,

And Watch Out

For Infection.

..Go Beg 

Diane For 




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