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She has always been sure of who she was and what she wanted..
It was just the path getting there was the part that she didn’t know.
She had big dreams and knew they wouldn’t be easy to chase,
But she had made up her mind long ago to never give up, but that didn’t help figure out how to know the right path to follow in her life.
She wasn’t comfortable winging it, but sometimes, she didn’t have a choice.
She’d stumble and fall through some of her days, guessing and taking chances as she found all the wrong ways to do things.
Like everyone, she had good days and bad, easy tasks and severe challenges…
But no matter of what she faced, she kept getting up, showing up and fighting.
She never lost faith in herself or her dreams and knew that she’d get there, one way or the other.
It wasn’t that she was fearless, because there were many times she was scared…
But that she went on despite the fear.
She was brave enough and strong enough to know that she could overcome anything, regardless of any uncertainty or challenge.
She’d stay true to herself and her values, never losing sight of herself, no matter where life led her.
Maybe she wouldn’t always succeed.
Perhaps she’d fall down, mess up and have a hell of a time.
But the sun would always rise on a new day and a new beginning and that's when she’d try it all over again.
Even on the days she’d come apart and cry in the shower or sitting on stairs, so frustrated and overwhelmed..
Those are the times she dug  and found a way to pull herself back up and rise again.
And as she looked in the mirror at the beginning of a new day, she smiled bravely.
“Let’s do this shit 
And like the strong woman she was, she got it done.
She would always shine 
And during the darkest storms, that’s when she shone the brightest.
Today, tomorrow and for always.
That’s what all us strong women do.


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