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I know you don’t know quite what to make of me,
It’s okay- no one else does either.
The others all say I’m a handful, stuck up, spoiled or just too damn picky…
And I’ll take that every day.
Because what it tells me is that I’m doing something right.
It means I have standards, don’t settle and I’m not just accepting what anyone has to offer me.
I could have settled a long time ago, but I promised myself that I’m worthy of the best…
So, if you’re showing up offering me anything less than your best or think I’ll be okay being an option,
Well, then, you might consider one of the others that are okay with that.
I will only accept someone thatdoesmt see me as only option.But instead I'm their priority.
I’ve seen the players and been around the games, 
that kind of immaturity and disrespect will never suit me.
I don’t want anything fancy or expensive trips..
No, all I really want is honest truths, passionate love and genuine character.
The rest is all just window dressing.
So, if you’re stepping up and trying to win my heart, be prepared to give me your best,
Because that’s what I’ll give you, every time.
I’m not perfect and I don’t expect you to be, either.
Just two souls, brave enough, perhaps, to risk it all for life, love and happiness.
So, take my hand if you’re willing and able to love, respect and be true to me.
Life is more than just a journey, it’s an adventure..
And I will never be content to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by.
After all, love is forever and passion is contagious.
Are you willing to step into the great unknown and risk it all with me?
I am.
The rest is up to you.


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