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A girl with a heavy heart
She carries the pain that tears her apart
She walks with grace and smiles too
But deep inside, she's feeling blue

Her thoughts are tangled, her mind's a mess
The hurt she feels, she cannot suppress
But she chooses to hide, to put on a mask
And pretends to be happy, to fulfill her task

No one knows what she feels inside
Her struggles and wounds she tries to hide
She doesn't want to burden anyone else
So she keeps it bottled up on a shelf

But dear girl, it's okay to not be okay
You don't have to rise up every day
You can ask for help, you can lean on me
Together, we can make your heart free

So let your guard down, take a deep breath
I'll hold your hand, guide you with every step
We'll erase the pain, heal your heart
And give you a new and beautiful start.


  • Mar 05, 2023

  • Beautifully written. Love this! 💜

    Mar 05, 2023

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