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She looked down at her ringing phone and her heart dropped.
It was him.
Not just any him, but the him that had broken her heart not so very long ago.
A thousand thoughts and memories flashed through her mind as she thought back to their whirlwind romance.
It was a fairy tale at first, his words and affection swept her off her feet like she’d never known..
In a word, it was magical..
Until somehow, it wasn’t anymore.
The happiness and good times slowly changed into something..darker.
The butterflies that once surrounded their love left and she found herself fighting for a love that made her feel bad.
Maybe he put on a facade at first, maybe she ignored the warning signs..maybe she just wanted to believe in love.
Whatever the reason was, she realized after a while that he wasn’t the person she thought him to be..and it made her so sad.
His hateful words and hostility made the beauty of a once delightful love story dissipate until she no longer knew why she was trying any more.
That moment was when everything changed.
She couldn’t allow him to continue to disrespect and mistreat her any more.
No one had that right and she took her power back.
It was an ugly showdown of something that used to be wonderful.. she dug deep and scrapped her way out of a broken dreams, managing to get away from him with her dignity still intact.
So, as his name displayed on her phone and continued to ring,  she just shook her head and sighed.
She wasn’t going back to that place where she was once again fighting to breathe..
Nothing is worth having to battle for your survival- even if she made it to the other side somehow.
Now, she was happier, healthier and every day was a new blessing..
Gone was the dread under which she had once existed.
She was free..finally.
She pressed ‘decline’ on his call and exhaled loudly.
She had decided long ago to leave the past where it belonged - behind her.
While he had taught her a lot about herself-only because she chose to learn those lessons-she had nothing left for him..
Not anymore. Not ever.
She was done with that life, but not the lessons.
So, she slipped her phone back into her pocket and leaned back.
Sometimes, the most wonderful feeling of all is simply to be free.


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    Mar 05, 2023

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