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Call me difficult, challenging or stubborn..whatever you like, it doesn’t matter to me- I’ve heard it all before from the people that couldn’t handle me..
But you’ll find that if you can muster the courage to run with me, you’ll always find that yearning burning deep inside you to call me yours.
No, I’m the angry, feisty, fiery one- the woman who you don’t want to fall for..but just can’t help it.
I have a passion on fire in my heart that draws you in..makes you crave the burn.
You’ll tell yourself you don’t need me, don’t want me, that I’m a waste of your time..
And maybe you’ll even believe that for a time.
But we both know that my unquenchable thirst for life, love and chaotic desire that you can’t turn away from, it's drawing you in.
I’m not looking to someone to settle down with, I need the one who hears the call of the wild in my soul and hungers to answer it with me.
Maybe I’m a little reckless, perhaps even a bit of a mess, but I’m real, I’m genuine and you’ll always know where you stand with me.
But if you choose to chase my affection, don’t bring any lackluster feelings or lukewarm passion..
I need just the opposite- too much of everything that’ll burn you alive.
Too much passion.
Too much intensity.
Too much love.
If you’re not willing to take the plunge with me and push the boundaries of life and love, then you may want to find someone a little more..
Cause I’m not her and I won’t ever be the one okay with anything halfway.
If you think you’re strong enough to run with me, brave enough to love my fierce heart and wild enough to see it through,
Then let’s go lose ourselves under the stars and chase dreams of shadows that once were.
Tonight, in these moments, we can love and live forever..
That is, if you can keep up.


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