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When she met him, it was the wrong time for love..for both of them.
They had both come out of failed relationships and their fragile hearts were in pieces.
They didn’t intend on meeting anyone, much less clicking with someone-anyone ..it just kinda happened.
They were both scared and she told him she couldn’t risk another broken heart.
In fact, she said, she didn’t even know if she really believed in love anymore.
He smiled, taking her hand in his.
“It’s okay. I don’t want anything from you other than your time and to just..be.”
Her brows furrowed and she studied him closely.
Never had a man come to her without expectation or demand..simply just wanting to walk beside her for a while- however long they wanted that to be.
She thought to herself what a strangely nice feeling it was to be accepted just for who she was on her own terms.
She began walking and clenching his hand a little tighter, she looked over at him, their eyes meeting calmly.
“Are you sure that’s enough?”
Smiling warmly, he nodded.
They had both come to that place damaged and  from heartache and pain.
Sometimes, unexpected and wonderful things happen on the way to somewhere else.
They weren’t looking for love, pleasure or anything in particular..
They just wanted to walk and talk together.
In a word, they were just..content.
In those moments, they wanted nothing, needed nothing and most importantly, expected nothing.
The only thing they were certain of is that they owned nothing but the very moment they were in..
And for those two precious souls just trying to find their way,
In that moment,
That was enough. 


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