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I don't know what I loved more about you,
Maybe your way of seeing my life in red
When mine was all gray. 

You turned off the light that you lit for me,
But you forgot... that I was living in the dark
Before you came to me; before I was born.

  Your eyes are dry now,
Maybe you cried,
My eyes still have tears,
I kept them for my loneliness.

I can't love you anymore,
No matter how hard I try,
You let my heart follow your footsteps
And it never came back with the same love.


  • Frozen Ghost

    Frozen Ghost

    Another writer on here basically copied this and just added on words in certain parts. I left no rating on their post. Well written, ring's loud on my end because I have in fact shut off that so called light I kept lit for so many years.

    Mar 05, 2023

  • nice

    Mar 05, 2023

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