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What wrong with 

This Sandwich?

It was Just 

A Sandwich!

Between 3 

Best Friends 1,

Being Her

Pappi Chulo.


Working Late

Driving Lyft.

Decided To Take 

One Last Trip.

Before End of 

Night Shift,

Picked Up 2 Trans

Vestite Tricks.


Going To An 

Address She Swore 

Been To Before.

The Door To Knock On,

Had Me Floored.

902 West 34.

1507 Of Course! 





They Tipped

And Exit,

Double Parked 

As Hazards Ticked,

Locked the Doors And 

Walked Home Pissed!


Loud Slam Lock Heard,

Flipping Forward.

I Thought That You,

Heard Me Creep.

But the Trap Music 

Dulled Minds and 

Say Men Yawl Was 

Really In Too Deep!


A was Fuckin 

B While C,


A’s  Butthole.

While Getting 

Dick sucked by 

C Sucking A Round 

Tongue Ring Pole!


From the Looks of 

Things My Nigga 

I Just Got Some

Things To Say Bro,

Who the Fuck!

What The Hell?

Father Take 

The Wheel Yo!


My Man Caught 

Red In This Late 

Night Episode.

So is It,

P Chulo Or 

P Valley Cause 

Baby This is 

A Good Show!


My Flickering 

Of The Lights,

Let it Be Known.

Big  Mommas

Home To Find 

9 Wide Eyes,

Coming Out of 

3 Assholes!


Nigga Now I know!

Now that I 

See You In 

Ya Natural Flow

3 niggaz Alone 

In a Dark Room

And All Yawls

Nipples Glow!






Hope Yawls

Didn’t Get Boned,

To Get Yawls 

Dicks Blowed.


Cause Yawls

Rewashing Sheets,

Pillows and Buying 

Me New Dildos!


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