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And what are you after
My melancholy rose
A life of happiness
Written in prose
No more sadness
To bring your heart down
Only gladness
To spread through the town

Are we capable of doing
That which weighs upon our hearts
Before everything is surrounded
By sharp and pointy darts
Do the desires inside
Bring you joy or peace
Or do they lead to suffering
Dread and disease

Do you dare the deeds
Of extraordinary men
Pushing aside the pain
Again and again
Do life and death
Only bring you fear
Or are you ready
For the flame to draw near

Why would you do it
For GOD or for man
For popularity
For some adoring fan
Wouldn’t it be better
To live in a hut
Than to be rich without GOD
Covering your butt

The times are changing
Moving so very fast
Will the dreams and desires
Really last
Opinions change
In the blink of an eye
Who will come with you
When it’s time to die


  • Nice work. 💯

    Apr 28, 2023

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