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My wobbly legs like Spaghetti  
Entwine to thwart a run from thee
As legs as hot as drumsticks fries
Like temptation a long kiss begs

I pray you bear
Or my shoe wear
I didn't plan so long a gaze
That fall that glued me on a thigh
The roll, the slow crawl high and high
Up on a leg was too unplanned

It was the scent of rose on cream
And too the hypnotizing drool
Like chocolate mousse on a daydream
Temptation hot that would not let 
Me win against a sin as sweet.

And then my legs like spaghetti
Refused command to free from thee
And wobbly just like dough unbaked
Let go and with a sudden fall
I found me sweetly well

That's how
A modern diner, I saw
It wise to just embrace my fate
And let my tasters frayed to sate
Then do this memo on my knee
To make it clear it wasn't me
But tangled old spaghetti legs
In tango tie on rolls of hot 
Spaghetti Lust



  • May 08, 2023

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