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Sometimes I think I'm tired just
On a completely different plane
Than can be measured here on Earth..
All my life, it's been a fight
One breath at a time..
Since I was just a child
The "easy way" was never mine..
I could tell my story
But it's nothing you'd believe
so I write in metaphors..
To make it more relatable
and easier to bear..
My story isn't pretty
Unlike the words I share..
That truly is my superpower,
I turn nightmares into dreams
I turn  blood to beauty
And add melodies to screams..
It's no wonder I'm exhausted. 
My whole life has been a battle
And, my God, I've paid the tolls..
So when you read with wonder
The words I've written down
Don't envy me my talent
It's just a blood soaked crown.


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