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As I turned and walked away, I felt the tears welling up in my eyes.
The memories of what we had and the love we shared flashed through my mind... 
It’s easy to remember the good stuff when you’re thinking about someone-
My soul couldn’t take reliving the heartache and pain that we had endured as a couple.
The bitterness and anger that made me cry so many nights..I simply didn’t want to feel that again.
I looked back over my shoulder one last time at you, seeing you standing there, motionless as I walked away.
I could see your pain, eyes watering, and it hurt me deeply- maybe one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was walk away from you.
It was something that I had to do for us both to find happiness again.
We both knew that we couldn’t make us work, no matter how hard we tried or how much we loved.
Sometimes, love just isn’t enough.
You travel down a broken road so long with someone that sometimes, you forget what you’re fighting for anymore.
The why and the love gets replaced by trying to find a middle ground..
You stop seeing the joy and beauty of your love and just try not to suffocate under the weight of anguish.
And that’s never going to be enough for me- and it shouldn’t be enough for you, either.
Those powerful moments can be overwhelming, but they’re also a lesson of growth..
Time slows to almost a standstill as your eyes meet for one last time..
And then, it’s like you were never there- such an important part of your life..vanished.
We weren’t meant to be and continuing to hold onto a broken relationship is making us both miserable.
In the end, saying goodbye to you and to us was one the hardest things I’ll ever have to do, but I know it’s for the best.
I’ll always love and care about you, that will never change.
Some people were meant to be in your heart, not your life.
So, as I close the chapter of our life and love, a solitary tear rolls down my cheek.
I’ll never forget what you meant to me and the times we shared.
I’m making the hard decision to walk away to find real and lasting love..
Most of all, for myself...I had lost that part of me for so long with you.
Now, I’m taking back my power and forging a new path,
But I’ll never forget you and the love we had.
For a time; it was us, it was beautiful and it was love.
That’ll always be how I remember it.
Here’s to new chapters and happy endings..
Sometimes, you just have to know when to make new memories and let the old stuff go.
Maybe the next door that opens will be different.. that’s all I can hope for.
That, and for you to be happy..This is the way our stories go sometimes.


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