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I know you may have opened your eyes this morning and felt like the world is stacked against you.
You’ve had a tough time lately, I know.
I’m here to tell you that this isn’t your whole story, it’s just a chapter.
Maybe it’s gone on longer than you’ve wanted, been hard to endure and left you feeling down, but chin up, darling.
It’s always darkest before dawn and it won’t rain forever...you’ve just got to hold onto what you believe in, dig deep and find your courage.
Maybe you’ve lost your way, forgotten your voice and can’t find your happiness like you could before,
But this too, shall pass.
Whether it’s been life knocking you down, a relationship falling apart or just feeling down, I’m telling you that you got this.
Take my hand and let’s walk a while.
Let’s talk about who you are what amazing things you’re capable of..because you are.
Bravery isn’t about turning it around immediately, it’s about getting up every single day and doing the best you can.
It’s okay to not be okay.
It’s okay to need rest or ask for help.
It’s okay to fall and get knocked down..
Just choose to keep getting  back up, keep fighting, keep holding your head high.
What you’ve been through doesn’t define you and you’re more than you give yourself credit for..though you may feel alone and helpless right now, it’s up to you to claw your way out or sink deeper into the darkness.
Even then, I’m going to find you and remind you that you’re all the things you’ve stopped believing in about yourself..
You are more than enough.
You are strong.
You are capable of rising again.
Maybe it won’t be easy, probally going to hurt some.
But I promise you that you can do it.
Maybe not today, in a week or in a month, but start taking the steps.
Start knowing that you can find your wings- stop caging yourself and start breaking free.
Turn the page.
Start a new chapter.
Most of all, just start to believe.
You’ve always had the power inside yourself..
Now it’s time to use it.
You got this,
Now Believe.


  • Mar 01, 2023

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