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You are strong enough to survive this.
I know it seems like your world is over and maybe you can’t find the light right now, but hang in there. 
I know your soul is weary and you feel like you can’t keep going, but don’t stop.
Your happiness may seem so far away, but it’s not as far as you might think.
Yes, the nights can be long and you don’t have any answers, but you don’t have to.
Take a moment and remember what all you’ve survived before now.
You’ve been through the fire and always found your way..your courage has been forged in the flames that tried to take you down.
Remember that you’re a warrior who will continue to rise again.
It’s time to find your magic again and listen to your heart.
It knows the way, but you’ve gotten so weary that you’ve lost the path.
If you’ve lost faith in yourself and your strength is waning, know that you’re not alone.
You’re loved, you’re enough and I believe in you.
It’s always darkest before dawn and this is your time to start again.
Every end is a new beginning and your next chapter will be magical..
You just have to start believing in you like I do.
Like all the people in your life do.
I know you’re reading this and wondering how you’ll make it through this, I’m telling you..
You got this.
You’re a wildfire capable of setting your soul and life on fire again.
Take my hand and let’s start climbing out of the darkness, day by day.
I know you’ve been looking for a sign, something to believe in..
Well, this is it.
Today is your wake up call and this is where you start again- you’re strong enough and you’re worth it.
It won’t be easy and it won’t be fast, but it will change your life if you’re ready.
These words were meant for you.
Are you ready to start again?
Believe in yourself and you're destiny and most of all, believe  that you are meant for more.
Beginning today..get up, step up and start remembering the magic and dreams you lost along the way.
Anything’s possible if you just believe..
And I believe in you.


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