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I never asked to be strong, brave or courageous.
I was just trying to live my life and be happy, but then, I never really had a choice on the person that I became.
Life has always chosen for me- whether I wanted it to or not.
I didn’t often get what I wanted, no matter how hard I tried, but I found that I always got what I needed-
To get stronger, to grow and to be able to keep going.
No matter how steep the challenges or how hard the days, I never quit- that’s just not who I am.
So, as I stand here, looking in the mirror at the woman that I’ve become…
I see many things, but what I see most is a strong spirit incapable of being stopped.
The woman looking back at me has found her way against all odds, overcome so much that would have destroyed so many others and through it all, still stands tall and proud.
I can’t help but smile just a bit as I realize just how far I’ve come-
How, at the darkest hours, at my weakest moments , when everything was crashing down around me, I still managed to survive when it all was falling apart- including myself.
But that’s the thing about me.
Not only did I survive, I am thriving..
Growing and evolving where once I was just existing.
Moving forward instead of standing still.
I’m far from perfect and I still have bad days where my hair is a mess and I forget where im going..
But I always end up exactly where I’m meant to be.
So, as I take one last look in the mirror,
I can’t help but be proud of everything I’ve survived, the person I’m becoming and the bright future ahead of me.
There’ll always be tough times , but I know now that I’m tougher and I always will be.
Maybe I’ll lose my way a time or two and fall apart other days, but I’m never going to let that stop me.
I’ll keep fighting .
I’ll keep getting better.
Most of all, I’ll keep shining bright like I was always meant to.
Strong, proud and free.


  • Feb 28, 2023

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