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The fuel pump industry of modern world is now dominated by the four leading gas dispenser manufacturing organizations – Gilbarco, Tokheim, Wayne and Gas boy. Each group owns distinctive features and hold vast reputation all over the world. Millions of distributors and service station owners stay connected to any of these four leading providers.

Among them, Gas boy is well known for embracing high safety rules & several safety measures to ensure utter security to clients as well as their employees. Following are some details of their salient traits which express their brand identity and dedication to offer their best always. 

Zero Accident Policy

They have fixed their safety culture with the help of Management, Manufacturing department, MDSP and the Partners as well. Zero Accident is a crucial part of it. This is one most important goal behind establishing such fuel dispenser production house. Based on this comprehensive strategy, Gas boy focuses on avoiding any impending accident. Every grave accident demands proper investigation, finding of root cause and lessons taken from accidents for the positive change to take place. 

Their HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) philosophy helps this belief to be understandable and propagate essential safety information. Paul & Associates, the large and renowned distributor of Gas boy worldwide, also deals with providing new or refurbished gas dispensers and gasoline dispenser.

Safety is the first concern

First of all aspects, Gas boy believes in absolute security. Health and environmental security is the integral part of their business. It is their management troop who develops the objective of security at all heights including individual and institutional level. Gas boy organization has a wide set of rules, regulations and reporting equipment to make sure the topmost level of professionalism as well as compliance with the local & international standards. 

They hold several training programs and rigid selection policy for all of their contractors and distributors. They remain fully concentrated on keeping environment safe for staffs and clients.  

They are connected various leading oil companies, service stations and contractors in this regard. Their used fuel pumps for sale are found to perform at high level and world class in terms of all facets as well. Since their establishment in the year of 2009, they have increased quality customer services and product line to a great extent.  In order to hire their service, you can go online and visit paulandassoc.com for a quick contact.  


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