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She called me by name yesterday
Told me there was something she had to say
Said we were destined to be together
From now until eternity

She sat on her porch making vittles 
Looked like a stew most likely
Same thing she been doing each and every day
More or less it looked like to me

Been by her place as often been to town
People said she was an evil one
Better stay away from this one for sure
If you want to make it through another day

They said she was a witch of indeterminate age
Been around since anybody new
Older than the dirt of the ground on which I walked
Better keep yourself a distance safe

Her voice was as sweet as molasses
Her tone, smooth as silk
She said if I’d come sit by her awhile
She’d give me the details I’d need

Oh someone come and call me back from death
I’m sure I don’t remember my name
She called to me once more
She put me under a witches spell

I sat down in a chair by her side
And helped with her fixing what she need
She told me she knew me from my birth
Said my friends didn’t know what I was worth

She said I was the most tender person she’d met
None could be finer than me
I was just what she was looking for
A gentle man to help with her meal

The pot in the kitchen was huge
A cauldron by any other name
I didn’t realize my predicament
Before she cut me and threw me on the flame

She poured water over my body
A little pepper and salt just to taste
Next came the veggies, a little wolfs bane
Girl just has to watch her waist nowadays

She hummed as she worked
The tune fading along with the light
She whispered sweet dreams, honey
You won’t feel a thing when I take my first bite

Oh someone come and save me from this death
I’m sure I don’t remember how I came
To be a dish upon her table
I’d run away from here if I could

Don’t be fooled by these smooth talkers
Whoever they might seem to be
Deception is all they are after
To get you into their little family


  • Feb 23, 2023

  • Feb 23, 2023

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