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Information about the game of Bdsm Monopoly) is a Very old classical board game too
special People like (Professional Dommes & Professional Mistresses ) , but it can be pretty
tough to learn to play for The SLAVES The rules are complicated, and many Slave’s have their
own variations that aren’t listed in the official rulebook. Learning how to set up the board, play by
the official rules set a Professional Domme or a Professional Mistress, and the Game with finally
Finish a Professional Domme or Professional Mistress is very satisfied through SLAVE’S have
been working hard and make a effect to win a Game and try beat their owners That’s why it will
be very useful for Slaves to learn new skills and and to push all the limitations to a new record
and also love playing with their Owners at Monopoly and enjoy Playing with her friends .. Fun
for all the players including Slaves and Professional Domme and professional Mistresses
members. it does not matter if you play at work or at home or in home garden with neighbours it
still an excellent and comfortable but incredible way to pass the time. In in moments of romance
or something else that is a little different but really relaxing and rewarding.

(How to Play a game of Bdsm Monopoly) To start a game of Classic Bdsm Monopoly you
must Find 2 to 8 players and have a pair of diamond shaped dice to Play ( minimum 2 players /
Maximum 8 players) Monopoly is best to play in small group of about 4 Players but as few as it
go for 2 Players it’s a Extreme hardcore game for a couple for example like a husband and wife.
And then if 8 Players play it can be pretty tough and challenging for Professional Dommes or
Professional Mistresses because they can have with debate whether or not they want to add or
remove challenges from the board game , hardcore challenges can be set by the owners of the
Slaves in the Game. Also the game includes real Money bags and other benefits!!!.
Choose a well established and Loyal Slave Banker. This player is in charge of all the money
Professional Dommes & Professional Mistresses Money in the Game , property, houses, and
hotels still belonging to the bank. The Slave banker still allowed play the game, but Slave
Banker should make sure His or Her money in game separate from the bank’s the that Slave’s
can NOT DARE be Naughty towards the other players .
Table Slave :Before the slave approaches the Table His or Her Owner must Grant Authority to
the Table Slave clean the table after their owners have had Dinner so starting to setting up the
board Game on the table . Must be very carefully unfolded on a flat surface like a dinner table or
kitchen table . Make sure each player has enough space to Play & keep their money and
property deeds in front of them. You should also lay out the Chance and Community Chest
cards on the board. They are marked in the center.
Pick a game extremely challenging . Each Professional Dommes & Professional Mistresses gets
a game challenges to choose from to be completed and obey by the Slaves to move around the
board. The game comes with a large selection of different selections of Smaller games ..
chosen Challenges must be selected by a Professional Mistress or Professional Domme. 

Give each Domme or Mistress can place a bet of real value money between (14£ To
20£:Pounds) or in (16,08€ To 22,96:Euros) if you want to play In the European Market Before
the game starts so Domme or Mistress can challenge a other Slaves to test who has the most
experienced and most Loyal slave in Game.
Also by doing this the slaves limitations get pushed to new and higher levels which mean for
Slaves who it is Learning Game in Life
And it means Slaves can help Dommes & Mistresses learn new skills and experience New
Ideas for their own Slaves ..
Also available for Monopoly there is an Outside version !
Which means it can be played in any Outside areas ,
Public gardens & Public parks and Town centres and Public libraries ..
In terms of public Monopoly , Slaves must be ready and prepared to Play with other Slaves to
show Strength of Loyalty and Fearless Obedience towards their Owners or Professional
Mistresses in this case Both .

Game rules

Rule 1: No bets can be call or place by a Slave in a game from Monopoly without Authorization
from a Professional Domme or Professional Mistress.

Rule 2: All Slaves must be clothed and well dress up for a night of Monopoly or a day of
Monopoly with Professionals in a public area or Clubs

Rule 3: No Alcohol or Cigarettes will service to slaves. it also will not be permitted to be used by
slaves during a game of Monopoly with Professionals,

Rule 4 :When the game starts only the players in game can stay in room , that way there is no
way of Cheating or being cheated on by a public member in a training session of Slave
Monopoly. ..

Rule 5:A slave has earned His Or Her Reward points in a Game to be able to receive His or Her
Reward from The Professional Mistress or Professional Owner they are owned by. ..

Rule 6: Also in the game of Monopoly a Professional Domme or Professional Mistress is still
allowed to receive Pleasure from Slaves and to give out Punishments to the Slaves…throughout
the day to Slaves will have to drive the vehicle everywhere for the Professional Mistresses or
Professional Dommes..

7: Cock and Ball Torture..

8:Gardening Fully equipped with garden tools meanwhile cleaning the Garden or doing
gardening jobs fully naked )..

9:cocktail market is where a fully naked slave will serve peanuts and refreshments too
everybody in the game a cocktail too the Professional Dommes & Professional Mistresses of
their own choosing..

10: Cleaning The Swimming Pool for 2 or 3 Hours Monthly for a Professional Domme or
Professional Mistress …

11: Fitness training every few years to fix (for Slaves and Dommes & Mistresses) to keep the
body in good healthy conditions

12:Car Wash or drive to local area for a Car Wash (Slaves must Clear the vehicle inside of the
vehicle and outside of the vehicle or Wash the vehicle Fully Naked)


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