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The man stands before the audience
Hands outspread wide
Speaking with a strong voice
Says, you must decide

Am I a conjuror of tricks
Deceitful to the core
Or are my words truth
As I said before

The people to my left
Say I sold them junk
That the goods in my hands
Were things that just plain stunk

Never were the words I spoke
False or untrue
I was selling trinkets
Said they weren’t quite new

They never fell off a truck
Nor pawnshop price jacked up
They were rescued from the ones
Who were deep in their cups

I good price was haggled
Shook on fair and square
No one had their feelings hurt
Or were treated unfair

I took my purchases to my shop
And cleaned them one and all
Just to make them presentable
Before I made my first call

I spoke of their quality 
A treasure sure indeed
Told the folks who saw them
Nothing finer to be seen

I didn’t lie about my wares
They were the finest I had
Their numbers were few I knew
But the finest in the land

I sold them at a fair market price
Considering the rarity
No one was unhappy
To have a piece of history

I went from house to house
Selling my precious wares
Not all made a purchase
Some just gave me stares

Not all understood
This new opportunity
To have something so precious
Unique in their city

Sure they were old
But they looked brand new
They weren’t cracked or worn
No chips in the paint to see

So why all the fuss about my wares
When all were happy with me
They changed their minds the next day
When the wares showed what they believed

My items cast a reflection
Back to the one who bought it
Showing them all of their sin
And the darkness in which they were caught

I did not condemn
Any who came my way
But many were horrified
Of the face on display

I told them I had no control
Over the reflections in the wares
It was out of my hands
If they did not like their stares

I spoke of truth and light
Of darkness guaranteed 
Of how lives were saved
And of watering seeds

I did not talk of reflections
I know not what becomes of each
Man, woman, boy or girl
Their were many to be reached

My life is here before you
My story I have spoken
Many I visited were asleep
But many have now woken

The judge asked for quiet
Contemplating all he heard
Asked the prosecutor to speak 
If all this man spoke was truth

The prosecutor bowed his head
Gathering his thoughts
Lifted up his head
And spoke to all his thoughts

From testimony given
By people of this town
This man has spoken the truth
About what has gone down

No one was deceived
No wool pulled over their eyes
But in earnest, your honor
Just the opposite took place

People are seeing clearly
Clearer than before
Of sin and darkness and how it abides
In the motion of their lives

Even I cannot believe
How changed we are now
It’s as if we were asleep before
Now awake for the rest of our lives

Young, old - men, women
All who have spoken to me
Recall all that happened before
As if it were a dream

The judge saw the truth in his eyes
As he spoke his words
None could deny
The salesman was true to his word

The judge turned to the salesman
Said you are free to go
But if you would kind sir
Tell us what we should know

He said 
Get ye to church my friends
And hopefully you’ll meet
The savior who came for you
Who washed his disciples feet

Jesus is his name
Lord he shall be called
All who come before him
Their knees shall be bowed

There is only one King
And him you must know
Get thee to church on time
Before the last trumpet blow


  • Feb 22, 2023

  • Feb 23, 2023

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