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Yeah! Original Man 

In the Dance Hall,


Watch Ya!


Keeping Time.

Ah Keeping Time.

Me Ah Go,

Keeping Time.

Ah Keeping Time.

Man a Go Keeping,

I Rasta Keeping Time.


What Time is 

It Man?

Quarter After 


Listen To Me when 

Me Tell You This,

A Secret Me 

Know Tell You.


When Dem Come 

In to the Dance Hall,

Message Me a 

Go Bring You.

All When Me no Come 

In to the Dance Hall,


A Go Bring Q.

And When Me 

In a The Dance Hall,

Egypt know Me as 

Pesach in Hebrew! 

When Me Run 

Up on All You! 

With the Gun

Man Fa True.


And a Tell 

Man Bout You!

No Sheep’s Blood 

Over You!

And so Gun 

Can Touch You!

And when He,

In De Dance Hall.

Rush thru and 

Ras na Protect You,

As The Gun man 

Touch You Then!

Nuff Bullet In 

Ah The Weapon,

Hit Skeleton!

But can Bet On,


A Rush On

Dem Bed where

Pronounced Dead 

On Arrival.

All when Back

In the Dance hall,

Me no Go Show pon 

Illegal Weapon.

And Charge Me!

Open up All Me

Vest What Dem 

Deh Deh Pon?

We no Go Come 

In a The Dance Hall

A See The 

Alleged Man,


Fire in a De Room.

They on Gold Rush 

On Gun Man,

In The Dance.

A Hunt Man In The 

Dance And Panama 

About Man Run 

With Town Posse.

Them ah 

Run With Me?

All Run Down 

In to The City.

Man A Run with Me!

As Music come In 

A The Dance,

Them All Tune To Me.


Come in De Dance And 

So The Music All with 

Me And So This Ganja 

Man In The Dance Hall.

Ganja Man Me 

Ah Smoke Mad,

Weed Me Eyes 

Red Man.

Chalice Me a 

Use Man And with 

Clean Hands Me 

Jah Bless It And,

With Red Lites Me  

Will Address It.

With Match Fyah 

Me Will Burn It!


And Rest It when 

Me Done and It’s


Set In.

Cross Reigns Down 

On the to Matters of 

3 Men Who Passed on 

The River Yehoshafat

Cross Rains down 

On the Matters of 

3 Men who Pass

Not Gonna Row 

Down to None a

That And Pose Like

Blood Klatt in a This,

Waste Great Camelot.


Smoke on All That!

Dem nah Go Take 

Weapon Go Run up On 

Me Daughter nor Son.

Half Sister Dem no

Prostitute and Go,

Run Dem Parlor!

Nor Dress Me as

Girl Use Hands,

Lift Like Strip Show!

Don’t Know Whether 

Dem Have A Pussy,

Cat Or Whether 

Dog’s Tail Hang 

Low So Gun Shot,

In Dem Blood Klatt.


If Dem Let Go of 

That Aye! If You no 

Move From There,

We Gonna Bomb That!

Me know Bout 

Gun Man Pose.

Man Me will Use 

Real Ram Blood,

Deliver News And 

Gun Man Me Na 

Refuse To Pharaoh.

I Will Lite The Fuse!




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