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What is this feeling , this isn't love this is deceit ,
Waking up each day with every moment to spare ,
Thinking and reminiscing about one,
Wishing of how to hold them dear,

This is not love ,this is lust .

Always wanting to know wats on the other"s mind,
What does she think of me what does he sees in me,
Should I speak to her, could I be with him,

This feeling isn't love, this is a maw.

When one is self conscious around the other ,
As well as protectivness and jealousy
comes to play,

I know this isn't love this is just conceit.

Getting angry for no reason or rather with hidden motives,
This isn't love ,it could only be false,
When unwanted attachment begins to grow
What is this called ,

This is not love, definitely not .

What ever this is, whatever it's called whatever it may be, i want this sensation to pass over
Never to get cut up in it, never to be deceived,
With my eyes focused on things
yet to be achieved .

Nellup Ason 


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