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At the dawn of a new day
She get up to yet another day of struggles and pain
taking her wobble but yet steady steps forward
Ready for yet another day of turmoil and uncertainty 

Being enslaved to endless travail and toiling
Has become a sad and yet painful reality
One she herself had made into an actuallity
It was not always this way
She had not always been on this path
For she had her season
Her seasons of youth.

Her once robust and beautiful physic
Has become a fragile unrecognizable self
Are beauty which was once her a pride
As been reduced to a bare fiddle
With her daily life she goes about
Forever being indebted to labour and sweat
Her once pleasing life has been reduced to nothing but futile

How time flies,
For she remembers her days of youth
One bubbling and buzzing with life
With whom joy and happiness shared
Times she thought would never cease
And With these thoughts she was led to ease
And never for a second she felt
will such times could come to an end
she remembers past mistakes, missed opportunities and wasted possibilities
And all that she has lost, never again to reclaim

Now all she strive for is the family she has attained
No longer living for self, she's been long been dead in heart
All hopes and dream she pins on the her young Cubs
And the very best wishes for them
She Prays they never go down this way
One crooked and that leads astray

One of wasted youthfulness
One She had made grievous sacrifices
one to pay probably for ever with her peanut slices
Even at these she smiles and tends to find herself happy
Admits struggle and hardship
But deep within is a withered heart
As night falls she lays those aching back to rest
Preparing for yet another break of dawn
In these unchanging circle she constantly dwells.
Patiently waiting till she breathes her lasts
Don't weep for me ,she says to the pitied mind
For I pray you confined with what have left behind
As I will forever dwell in regret and relinquish
Cause these indeed where wasted days

Nellup Ason


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