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When I dreamed, 
I was awoke, 
To the fear inside my chest, 
That swallowed me up whole, 
Like an ibis inside my head. 

The black hole just kept growing, 
Sucking everything up within, 
The memories, the future, 
All that could have been, 
For you see you weren't here no more,
You killed my dreams, dead. 

You could've slit my throat, 
And let me bleed to death, 
It would've been less cruel, 
Than dealing with the shit inside my head. 

My worst fear arrived that day, 
When I watched you leave, 
My heart left with a burning rage, 
Of the empty promises you'd made to me, 
How you'd love me forever, 
And I'd be stuck with you for good. 

Now I sit alone in bed, 
Wondering how you could, 
Fall asleep without me by your side, 
Did I mean that little to you, 
That you could walk away so easily, 
Leaving nothing but my black heart to reside. 


  • Ason Nellup

    Ason Nellup

    good work

    Feb 01, 2023

  • Feb 02, 2023

  • Feb 02, 2023

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