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Help me forget the pain
I can't feel anymore.
Everything they said
My whole body is sore.
I drown myself in alcohol everyday
And drink the pain i feel away.
I wake up hungover and depressed
Feeling things i can't express
Trying to put on a smile 
So i can fake being ok for a while
Never being able to really eat food
Because i feel alot more insecure than i should
Staying in my room and sleep all day
So i don't have to say the things i don't want to say
Going offline and knowing nobody can bother
Because i have too much weight on my shoulders
Knowing when i wake up i cant stay sober
Distance myself from my family and friends
When will this pain and trauma end?
It feels like im in a dark hole
I can't handle this anymore.
Too much going on
How long till I'll be gone?
Gone for good .


  • Feb 01, 2023

  • nice one

    Feb 01, 2023

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