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It was a dark rainy day ,  everything wet 
The moon was beautiful as lovely as a sunset

She stood near the road with an umbrella 
Never knew what was going to happen next 

I came from her back 
Grabbed my knife and sliced her neck
I could feel her bones 
My hands were trembling 
full of blood and red
The rain just made her seem more bled 

I laughed with joy as revenge was in my head 
She just cried out loud - Help ! Help ! Help !

But we were alone , not a soul to hear her voice 
I found myself to be in more rejoice 

Her heart stopped beating , I knew she was dead
I was scared , and thought about what could I do next 

Her last words were , " Mom ! Help me ! Can you hear ! "
But her mom was nowhere to be near 

Everything was over , a departed body in my hand 
I took out my spade and buried her in sand

I came back home , being a killer on my own
The police found her body the later day
But the truth was never known.

Anger makes people do things that they could never think of 
And that's how things can end up for love .


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    Jan 30, 2023

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    Feb 01, 2023

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