Let's Make Love Tonight 🥀 Read Count : 125

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Put your arms around my waist
And baby hold on tight
Let me take you to another place 
Let's make love tonight

Got your mind straight blown
Got you doing things you didn't 
Realize You were capable of doing
Somehow it feels forbidden 

In a way I feel cheated
Making love to you 
Got me stuck on repeat
I can't get off this loop

Loving so damn good
Everyday I was in the mood
Had me doing things others wished they could 
Ahh baby give me this wood

Making love to you
I never felt this way
It doesn't seems true
A different sex session everyday

I never been loved 
From my head to my toe
Thanking God from above 
Praying you'll never let go


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    Dec 02, 2023

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