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Boot worship is the extreme adulation of boots in BDSM, usually carried out while the footwear is being worn by the dominant partner.

It is related to foot worship in a derivative way, in that the adulation may really be attributable to the proximity of the boots to their master/mistress. The foot is usually considered one of the “lowest” and least appreciated parts of the body, and it is a kind of humiliation to be kissing and licking someone’s foot.

In Boot worship, the humiliation goes one step further. The submissive willingly worships the dominant partner’s boots, and often without even being asked to. This reverence for the footwear that encloses the dominant partner’s foot is sometimes an expression of extreme devotion or loyalty, sometimes a concrete admission of inferiority or defeat, and sometimes both.

Thus boot worship may include sniffing or inhaling from worn boots, as well as licking, kissing or cleaning their exteriors by licking. Sometimes polishing of the boot can also be done. Chewing and eating of leather shoes and boots can also be done.Sometimes dominant will choke the submissive by forcefully inserting her booted feet in submissive man’s mouth. Dominant can also kick the submissive while wearing boots. Dominant woman can make the slave eat food smashed by her boots or even the food that sticks to the bottom of boots. Boots are also used by dominant women for ballbusting.

It may also consist, more passively, of the submissive lying prone and being “trampled” by the dominant partner. Heeled boots may lend themselves to sucking, in an approximation of fellatio, anal and urethra insertion. The dominant partner can also sometimes beat the sub or slave with the footwear while wearing it. They can also have the submissive lying down in front of them and then place their boots over the submissive’s mouth, face, or body instead of the floor.... 

Extreme Devotion or Loyalty :from a Wild Lesbian Slave means that the Mistress o The Domme Owner To (Her) the Lesbian Slave most Understand how the system of the best way for (Her) Life is Control by Her Owners to live in Life and to deal with disabilities and professional problems that happen in her Life o To her Mistress Life o To her Domme Life ., In Boot worship, the humiliation goes one step further. The Wild Lesbian Slave Must be all aways mobile and aware that her Mistress o Domme could ask Her to be very to willing worship Her Dominant BOOTS in serious public places like Local Restaurants and Local Museums or something else little more public like a Public Libraries or Schools or Universities …. Also available in Public Offices and Work Buildings . If a particular Trip is Planned by a Domme or Mistress a Lesbian must be on Packaging Suitcases Duty including to Pack the Correct Amount of Shoes including Boots So the Lesbian Owner can be ready whatever the extreme situation maybe for… (Lesbian Slave or Submissive) . A Lesbian Slave Girl is bye her Owners BOOTS 24/7 and 365 , But that’s also includes if the Owner decide to be grateful to Lesbian Slave Girl give Her time away from the BOOTS and BOOT Worship on Daily basis . 


1:  BOOT Worship on Daily basis : entails Five Differential types of ways Lesbian Slave Girl can be Creative and Colourful with BOOT WORSHIPING in Private o Public . Very gently dipping the Boot in a few buckets of Colour of oil paints (Left or Right Boot) So that BOOTS can use as trampling all over the Slaves with the following Oil Paints .!

2: A perfect good worn-out pair or pair of old boots can be useful as disposable little Showers in the heart of the day in very Hot Weather conditions !.

3: A water bottle for Lesbian Slave Girl to drink of if and when they were able to restore their body and and them catching a fresh breath of Air before Starting off again.!

4: Every Sunday Morning (very early) Lesbian Slave Girl has to be properly dressed and looking her best including all BOOTS Must be Shine and Polished four times over before heading off to Sunday Church Service with (Mistress o Domme).!

5: All Shit & Filthy and Mud that gets stuck or collected in the Button Of the Soles of BOOTS must be removed from the BOOTS with a (2000% Percent ) of Loving Tender Care by the Lesbian Slave Girl.


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